Domain Name Secrets
Choose your domain name carefully, make it short and relevant to help people remember you. You have twice the chance of being discovered if you have two or more domain names for your site. Like a retail store with an entrance on two different main streets, you make it easier for both the public and the search engines to find you if you have more than one domain name. Remember, if someone types your domain name in the search bar exactly, you will most likely head the list of results.  More names, more results, it only makes sense.

Think about including what you do, and your geographic market area in your name if you can, for example Your personal name is also a good idea in case your prospective customer or referral remembers you but not your company IE:, If you own your company you should also buy your company name, if not and you can get permission, go with something like
Securing the .net and .org of your primary domain name (the one you use on your ads and marketing pieces) will keep a competitor from piggy backing off your ad dollars and stealing customers away who were tying to get to your site.

What about the money? Don't worry domain addresses are still a great value.  At under 15 bucks a name per year, how can you go wrong.  For a hundred bucks you can have your marketing name (short and descriptive) with .com, .org and .net, your company name, and your personal name for a year. Domain names aren't case sensitive, so don't be afraid to emphasize the individual parts with caps IE: .

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