In Pursuit of the Google Holy Grail Continued...
A company website should be first and foremost a place for existing and prospective clients to go to get to know you. This is where they get to meet you and your staff, find out if they can relate to you, learn if you can provide the solutions to their problems and needs, how to contact you and get directions to your physical location.

 Your web site should give you credibility, underscore your experience, and provide samples and testimonials from existing clients about your work. Your site truly acts as your online business brochure and can rule you in, or rule you out by prospective clients.  A visit to your website should establish enough of a rapport with the viewer to cement the contact,  create a connection and through your call to action, create the desire to call you or in the case of e-commerce, buy online. If you are not selling online, the goal is a phone call that results in a visit to your shop or an appointment that provides a face to face opportunity to sell your goods or services. Value is derived when your website creates credibility and an emotional or strong connection with your prospective client.

So back to Google and those all important rankings, people need to be able to find your website. However, don't just rely on the search engine placement. Ask yourself, can your website be found in your company message? Is your web address prominently displayed (in bold) on all of your brochures, ads, business cards and literature? Have you used your web site as the cornerstone of your branding effort?  The company logo, image, colors and even text should forward into all of your other marketing pieces. Make sure there is a cohesive marketing message and theme that your customer can relate back to your company. Your website should have a look that creates a brand and ties it all together.  Do this, and see how client recognition of your brand soars and your website's effectiveness grows even if you are not on page one of Google. is a web design and development company, we don't hold ourselves out to be a search engine marketing, pay per click campaign or even a search engine optimization company. We design and build websites that rank well. At, we're experts at building well thought out, clean, technically crisp and sound websites that are relevant to your key industry terms. Our sites contain the tools to enable our clients to keep their website current and up to date.  Making regular changes, updates, links and the posting of blogs or uploading of articles is critical to search engine placement. This approach and's ten years of experience with the web, means that our websites rank high in the search engines in an organic manner. We don't guarantee number one, but we do guarantee that our clients will be satisfied with their finished site, have a web marketing strategy to run with and see improved results and visibility.

We highly recommend that companies approach their web efforts in concert with their marketing and branding efforts, creating a comprehensive system where each builds the other, rather than a standalone effort scored only by search engine rankings.

In sports the real difference between first and second is tenths or sometimes hundredths of a second, the winner will tell you every time that practicing and applying good solid game winning fundamentals are what wins the competition. The web isn't so different.

- Rick Merlino

Rick Merlino is the co-founder of a product of, Inc. He has an extensive background in sales, training, marketing, and website development.