QR Article Continued
Don't let someone charge you more than ten or fifteen dollars to create your QR code, it's a simple process using QR code creator software. You can download the one I use at http://QRDroid.com/get or for apple go to your IPhone app store and download a QR reader and creator.  Make sure and test scan the QR codes you create before you print them on things, some basic truths never change, proof twice, print once. Once you have a working QR code with all of your company information stored in it, you can put it on everything... get a roll of stickers and go crazy.  Imagine putting the roll of stickers the dentist keeps for good kids in your pocket on the way out and then sticking them everywhere.
Since the information brought over through the QR code is stored in your smart phone, website the website that is linked from it's most likely going to be done from the phone's internet browser. It just makes sense that with the huge number of smart phones being sold and in the market place (more smart phones shipped last quarter 2010 than PC's or Mac desktops) business owners should double check their websites and make sure that they display well on mobile platforms, and that all the features, scripts, and navigation tools work well on the major mobile browsers. QR codes are a "next step"technology for making mobile computing on cell phones, Ipads, tablets, and portable computing devices more convenient.
Putting QR codes that can quick read information about our favorite restaurants, products, coupons, and websites on advertising, promotional products, websites, and products is expected to become an important tool in the marketing department of most companies.

- Rick Merlino

Rick Merlino is the co-founder of TwWebDev.com a product of TeacherWebsite.com, Inc. He has an extensive background in sales, training, marketing, and website development.