So You Want to Sell Online?
"A friend of mine told me he went to a conference and that e-commerce is the thing to do to get it really the way to untold wealth?!"

Every venue has its rags to riches stories.... One week to Millions, Cable Gurus, Retire without ever lifting a finger.  In this age of the Internet, an online storefront is the tool of choice to tout for many of the "make it in an hour" sages.  You too can Win Big, etc. Be very careful of those "e-commerce conferences" who would have you spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a "turn key" pick any product, and we will handle it all for you while you are on the beach... kind of program.  Remember if they've a closing room and are sending in the next wave of sales managers to get you to buy... Well you get my drift.....

Forget get rich quick, the Naked Truth is that there are good opportunities to make money with an online e-commerce storefront, but like all businesses, it takes being realistic, some thought and careful planning and it's not without effort.

So instant millions? Not so much.... let's be realistic, what are the real opportunities of the internet when it comes to making money, creating revenue streams and that very famous business yardstick, getting a return on your investment. In plain and simple language- for each dollar you spend on a store, how much real money will you get back?  After all, in e-commerce, commerce is the operative word.

"So I guess my real question is... should I've an Online Storefront and what do I need to know about E-commerce so I don't get burned?"
Here are some things to consider as you think about it....

Would it go down this way in real life....

Cathy decides she is going to go into business for herself, cracks open her hard won nest egg and goes out and leases a retail space in a shopping center, buys a sign, fixtures, advertising, hires staff, and opens her doors to the world.  Then sits down in her newly opened business and tries to decide what product she is going to sell and to whom.  I don't think so!!

More likely Cathy, smart business woman that she is....will give long and hard thought to what her product is, does anyone need it, who her target market or buyers are and their needs. Only then, based on satisfying the needs of her potential costumers, does she move to the next step.  She will decide the type, quality, and pricing of what she intends to put in her store.  Then she'll carefully consider location, design a marketing and advertising strategy to reach her potential consumer and use it to woo them into her store to see and purchase her products and services.