To Pay Per Click Or Not To Pay Per Click
To pay per click or not to pay per click, many a discussion has been had on this topic.  Keep in mind search engines take their time in discovering and ranking your site, sometimes weeks pass before a new site is picked up or a change in your website effect your rankings, If you are impatient or have the budget, pay per click advertising, that brings you up as a sponsored link at the top of the search engine page can create almost instant exposure.  Since you only pay for the individual click that brings the customer to your website, your dollars are targeted and reach an audience that is interested in your product or services. Most pay per click advertising accounts allow you to set a budget so you can control your costs, without surprises. Pay per click is all based on bidding for keywords that lead to your site.  You keyword choices impact both how often you see and what you end up paying per click.

   Pay per click isn't for everyone, but it's an effective tool. Make sure that your goals are clear, your content is current so that the customer will know how to proceed with the order or how to contact you for services once they arrive at your site.  Make sure your site's content is complete and proofed before you invest money in bringing individual customers in the door via pay per click advertising.

- Rick Merlino

Rick Merlino is the co-founder of a product of, Inc. He has an extensive background in sales, training, marketing, and website development.