Your Web site should be easy to use, create interest and a powerful online image for your business.  The FAQ section below will help you to know what you need to do just that!

Frequently Asked Question
How Long Does it Take to Get a New Website?
At a custom high impact website for your business happens fast. A custom design mock-up arrives in 7 business days, upon your approval of the design, it you are only 7 business days away from your fully functional website, delivered ready for you to enter and edit your text.
I see you have put in place holders for the text, why is it in Latin? uses Latin to "place hold" your text for you. This establishes the recommended length of text acts as a road map or guide for you.. Latin is an industry standard and is used so as not to distract you with another person's words. has copy writing staff available for text writing or editing on an hourly basis.
How can you offer such affordable web prices?
Without giving away too many trade secrets, system management, low overhead, and building relationships are how Tw Web Development keeps their web prices so affordable. You won't believe the value! Compare prices, no one delivers a custom website at these prices except
Do you do custom database management websites?
In order to keep prices affordable for you, does not do custom data capture or database management web sites. However, we can easily link to your IDX feed, third party application, or contact management vendor like Email Synergy or Constant Contact.
Can my staff or customers have a log-in and password in order to access staff and member only web pages?
Yes, an optional "log in" feature on your website for clients, distributors, or employees, allows for pages behind a user id and password. This option creates a password accessible gateway to information that is only available to the group you allow access to. Call us to learn more.
What if I want to upgrade to a bigger website later?
It's easy to add more pages and grow your site in the future. Your website is designed to grow and change as your business evolves. Just give us a call and they will create the new pages with the features you specify. Most new pages can be ready in 24 to 48 hours.
Can I update my website myself?
Absolutely, In fact you'll find it easier to update you site yourself then even to email or call your customer service representative. It is so simple, just sign in to your website, click edit under the area you want to change, plain type in the new text or click on the new picture from your picture library and hit save. The computer will convert it to web language and update your website real time. If you need help's friendly staff are a phone call away and are happy to assist you.
What if I need help making a change to my website?
No problem....'s friendly staff is only a phone call away. In addition you will find a complete library of video tutorials on line when you sign in to "edit your website".
What if I am too busy and want you to maintain and make changes to my website for me?
No problem,'s helpful customer service representatives is available for tutorial help. They can make any and all changes for you including writing or inserting text, products and pictures for you. Just give a call, hourly shop rates apply.
Writing was not my best subject in school, can I hire you to help with my website text and editing for me? offers professional text, copy writing, and text editing services on an hourly basis. We have text/copy writers on staff with 20 years of commercial writing experience that are ready to help you create the perfect word content for your website.
Where can I get pictures for my website that I have the right to use?
Your website comes with pictures from a stock photo library that we subscribe to, located on the web at Just shop there, write down the id number and give us a call, we will purchase the photo for you and enter it into your website library ready for you to place it on your web page.

You can shop there, from any service on the internet or use your own photos No copyright violations please!
Are the websites search engine optimized?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization is built in to your site. creates search engine friendly websites from the start. While no one can guarantee a result, most sites see above average, to high search engine rankings.

Need additional ongoing search engine optimization, ask about "The Site Maximizer" for your website or visit the website at to learn more.
Do you offer web traffic analytics and SEO Services
YES... "The Site Maximizer". This amazing product provides you with on-going search engine optimization for your website. It includes many behind the scenes Search engine optimization features that will improve your search engine rankings and it comes complete with a daily website traffic report, website grader and social media tools.

"The Site Maximizer" product is designed around expensive search engine optimization consultant services, but is anything but expensive. This SEO product packs in the value and the results of more expensive services at a fraction of the cost. Call today to talk to your sales representative about how The Site Maximizer "can launch your ranking to new heights.

(Note is a product that is available only on websites).
What is a Domain Name?
A Domain Name is your web address, or .dot com name, Your domain name is with a registrar company such as When your site is finished Tw Web Development will provide your registrar with the DNS server numbers to point your domain name to your new website. If you don't have a domain name yet, we offer registrar services through our own domain name service at

Not sure how it all works, don't worry, we make it easy!
Will My Website Design be a Template or an Original?
Tw Web Development will custom design your website and layout. Your logo will be placed into your own custom header and footer. Each design we do is hand created for you by our professional graphic design team. You could pay far more at a graphic design firm or PR company, but why spend extra when your custom design is included in your website package.
Does Provide Email? does not provide email directly but we do offer affordable email packages through our domain services products at If you already a mail provider or third party exchange service we can point your mail address (mx records) toward the email vendor of your choice.

Email packages are available at
Why do I need a Facebook Company Page, I have my wall?
Your company or personal timeline, is designed to be a conversation page and offers a limited amount of area to present your company brand, services, and core message. You can have a brochure quality, professionally designed Facebook company, this is in essence a website that serves within the Facebook frame for a very affordable price.

Company pages can feature video, audio, e-commerce storefronts, photo galleries, like gates and more. Given the size of Facebook's user base, what company can afford to be without a custom designed Facebook business page, makes it easy and affordable to reach your target market on Facebook!