Building Like and Trust - Web Article 5/20/2010
Building Like and Trust with your website.

People need to like you to do business with you!

 Think back to the last time you worked with a salesperson, company representative or counter person that you didn't like. Did you actually buy from them? Did it spoil the buying experience if you did... now the important question, would you go back?... or recommend them to a friend? You don't have to be a compulsive shopper to know that spending money for things you want is supposed to bring you pleasure. Is shopping or researching a company or product on line any different?

... and while price is an important factor, most people will pay a higher, even a premium price for a product or service from a company or its representative that they like and trust.  Trust issues? When my money is involved, You Bet!
So how can a website help you and your company build like and trust with your clients and customers? It starts with looking at your website in a little different way. For those who think a Company or Professional Services website should only present facts and figures, company product lines, features, warranties and spec sheets you may need to expand your thinking a bit.

A website that pushes information at the viewer tends to be cold and lifeless. You know what I mean.. the text book theory. You see websites made like them everywhere, both in template form and in very expensive websites built by some pretty pricey firms. We should not forget that the people (operative word here is people) who visit our websites are people.  People are emotional beings, they want to feel a connection with the company and those they do business with. Would you buy from someone you don't like?!
So how do we accomplish this. The secret is to make your website emote, make it visually pleasing with pictures, not just pictures of equipment or product but with happy, smiling, satisfied customers. Put pictures of your staff or the owners looking rested and happy. Life is too short to start the day without a smile!  Get the idea?! Your website should literally be the equivalent of a smile, glad to be in business, showing a company filled with happy people who enjoy serving the people they sell to. After the transaction even going so far as to have a business friend who's burden is happily lighter, from the experience.

Don't be afraid to tell your story....

Don't hide behind corporate logos and slogans. Your company has a story, a beginning, a happy past filled with entrepreneurial hope, dreams and inspiration. Don't be shy, tell it, people will find your story engaging, interesting and connect with it. If you can inject a bit (just a bit) of humor or humility, so much the better. No one makes it to the top without slipping on at least one banana peel or two, so its ok to be human. You goal here is to have you visitor say... The folks over at XYZ company are good people....they are just like me. Share a bit of yourself with people so that they can connect with you, and watch your sales soar!

- Rick Merlino
Rick Merlino is the co-founder of a product of, Inc. He has an extensive background in sales, training, marketing, and website development.