The Mobile App Maximizer
We are very excited about this new tool designed to help you communicate with and reach your customers with the latest events, news, and networking meetings. Unlike many business apps, this one provides you with a set of very simple content creation tools. This allows you to upload pictures, add titles and text as presentation pages and order them into a very readable magazine format. In addition, a set of simple drop downs provide for "touch" icons that you can use for calling a contact number, pulling up Google maps, linking to your website and sharing information.

As we've all seen, the world is going mobile. More and more people are looking up information such as locations and meeting times on their mobile devices. Many follow social media, surf the web, and find mobile applications on their smart-phones and tablets.
When it comes to communication, the savvy business person is rarely caught without their smart-phone or tablet with them. There are some big advantages to a business app for android:

  •  Keep Your Customers Up to Date
  •  Easy content creation
  •  Automatic app updates
  •  Easy access for the Member
  •  Messaging that reaches 100% of your members
  •  Message scheduling for future delivery
  •  QR code ready for download
  •  Availability at the Google Playstore
  •  Links to your website, Google Map, email, phone links, and links to your social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook and Youtube..

Unlike Facebook, 100% of the people that have downloaded your application will see your content. Our application allows you to push text updates to the status screen on your subscriber's Android devices on a scheduled or real time basis. This feature provides you
with a very efficient way to send event and network meeting reminders, announcements and messages to your membership. Member's company logos or photos can easily be uploaded into a "Member's Roster" with a "touch" icon for their phone number and link to their websites.

Think of it as the ability to present a series of informational brochures or magazines on things like events, newsletter, members, and networking meetings. It's as simple as selecting a picture and filling in the page title and comments in a text box. Press publish and watch as the information you want your customers to see is pushed to their Android mobile phone or tablet. Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Photoshop files saved down as a picture file (.jpg) can also be uploaded as content pages, providing a perfect way for flyers, menus, and newsletters to get in your customer's hands.

The App Maximizer product includes a set of 1000 marketing cards with a QR code that leads to your application, making it easy for your customers to go and get your app on their Android device.