Mobile Website Article - Continued...
I love my phone, but the keypad is sized for a 13 year old little girl. My guess is that she surely weighs no more than 99 pounds. Certainly not a description that would apply to me. These ham hocks do not exactly make it easy to press tiny keys, navigation buttons and arrows for drop downs. Clean navigation is essential for good mobile performance. Here are some clean navigation features that can make a real difference:

    *  Navigation bar placed in the same location on every page.
    *  Links from hot buttons (where I can click on the picture too)
    *  Offer both a contact submission form and a text email address
    *  Put phone numbers and email addresses in text so smart phones can read them.
    *  Make sure your coupon & internet special buttons are big   enough to click on!
    *  Avoid drop downs and scroll bars

One size doesn't fit all. Your website should be optimized to display well on a smart phone, too narrow and you waste space in blank margins... too long and it becomes too much to look through on a phone. It's better to have an additional page or two on your website then a page that forces you to scroll and scroll.
Content is King
Content is king on all websites, mobile or otherwise. A successful business websites grabs attention and holds it. The header lets the viewer know Who you are, what you do, and how to get in touch with you. Don't force your visitor to think, it's important he just knows.

Content should add value, deliver a current and concise message, connect to your viewers needs, and deliver a powerful call to action.  Keep pages short, try to tell the story visually and do not waste words, less is more. Remember when it comes to websites of all kinds, it's all about offering solutions for the clients needs.

If possible, secure a web address to use for mobile that is short and easy to remember... the .mobi extension is a good one for mobile websites, but I still think if you can find a short web address that is a .com, this is the best bet. A short easy to spell web address is easier to enter on a smart phone.
Make it Accessible
Make sure and put your website address on your business cards, marketing materials, and signage. Consider using QR (quick reference codes) on your advertising and business cards.  These little geometric pictures are now coming on strong. They are scan-able by smart phones and once scanned grab contact info and your company web address and put them directly into your contacts. QR codes can be used to navigate smart phones directly to your website without having to type the address into a browser bar.

Businesses can ill afford to have a website that doesn't display properly on the fastest growing internet platform in the world. Make sure when it comes to your website... "They see..What you see!"

-Rick Merlino
Rick Merlino is the co-founder of a product of, Inc. He has an extensive background in web development, web marketing, company branding, sales and marketing.