Web Video
Video on the web is no longer something just for techies. Have an Iphone or android, own a flip cam or other digital video camera, then grab the director's chair you are in the movie biz! Not the Hollywood type, no worries, TwWebDev.com has a full video studio ready to produce your web video.

Adding video to your company website or Company Facebook page is fast, easy and affordable with TwWebDev.com.  Serve web video from YouTube.com, Vimeo,com, or stream it direct from a video the server to your website.
TwWebDev.com offers websites
and Facebook Company Pages
with these Video options:

    * Video Blog
    * Walk on Videos
    * Video Galleries
    * Streaming Video
    * Client Video Testimonials
    * Video Search Engine Optimization

Keep your customers in the know with a weekly video blog, or show client video testimonials. Video builds credibility at a much higher level than text.