Bringing Hollywood Home - Video for Web!
So you want to be a movie star?! Ok, maybe not so much...after all, most of us are a bit camera shy. However, given the importance and personal nature of business relationships today, it may not be a bad idea to step in front of the camera.
Building like and Trust is Easier with Video
People do business with people.  Once I know your company has a good name and  reputation, it is about the individual that I like and trust and enjoy doing business with.  Once I've established a trusted supplier, I value that relationship and am comfortable sending others to them.  So Realtor, or Real Estate Firm, Insurance agent, or agency, there is something very personal about the relationship. Having the business owner introduce their company's services and commitment in a short video on their website really helps create that bond.

A video can build customer relationships and add a personal touch that just can't be duplicated with text or a still photo.  As a consumer, I want to feel that I know the person that I am dealing with.  Call me old fashioned, but if I phone a carpet cleaning company, or a plumber for service, I want to know that the guy rolling up while my wife is home alone, is personable, clean cut and doesn't look like he just got out of a federal lock up. Video portrays your image clearly and lets people know what to expect.
You Tube Paves the Way
Most of us have heard of You Tube, and we can thank them for paving the way on the internet for video clips posted up by people just like you and me.  They have made it fairly easy to "post up" video taken from your video camera or even the latest generation of feature rich cell phones.That's right, most of the new of cell phones have a pretty reasonable digital video camera built right into  them.  Web Developers are able to drop your You Tube video right into a frame on your website or link to your You Tube page.  The plus is that You Tube is free.  The minus is that their You Tube logo and tags and path  to other videos are visible.  Still it is free, easy to update and displays at no cost.
Streaming Video
Streaming Video is served up on the web direct from your web server.  Streaming allows for more creative displays, such as video walk-ons, control of the frame size and placement on the web page. Streaming allows for more control of content, better copy protection, and eliminates third party logos and link backs to other people's videos.  Streaming does comes with a price, digital video is streamed by the transfer of data, and charges are based on how much goes through the pipe (think water through the meter) prices vary, for example, 300-400 plays of a 30 second commercial might run about $8.00 a month.

Streaming video often provides faster load times and more control of quality. Stream rates and video quality that adjust based on the speed of the viewers connection are possible with this technology. Most web development companies have a set up and formatting charge to prepare a video and set up the streaming.  $50 to $250 would be fairly typical.