Video Article Continued...
Pro or Amateur....
Nothing wrong with a nice amateur video if it's well lit, well thought out and shot on a Tripod.  Client testimonials and video blogs can sometimes feel more authentic if they aren't polished.  Ask your happy customer to let you film a short 20 second testimonial from them. Get written permission from them to put it on your website and watch your credibility levels soar.

If you can swing it, professionally filmed,  lit, and scripted video is by far the best bet if you can afford it. Hiring a video pro isn't as expensive as you might think, and literally does put you in your best light. Video production costs start at around $400 to many thousands of dollars for a 30 second commercial,. Costs depend on location, actors, rigs, format, script and editing time.  Get written model releases from actors, and acquire rights to your video for all potential uses, especially web rights. Some video companies play the game of wanting more money for each and every venue and medium the video is used in.
Search Engine Optimization and Video
Google owns You Tube...need I say more.  Search engine companies are very interested in sites that deliver original and engaging content. Search Engine Rankings can improve when a site contains video.  Make sure the file name of your video contains your company name and what you do or a primary key word or phrase.  For example, twwebdevelopmentwebdesign.flv  helps us to index our company video for search.
Using Your Video to Promote Your Business
In addition to your website you may be able to post your video on your blog, and social media sites like facebook, and twitter.  Claim your Google profile and post your video on it.

Consider a small digital picture frame or laptop with a continuous play feature for your trade show table. Show a 30 second video introduction to your company and the benefits it has to offer to the consumer. Video can really catch attention and hold it.
We are a Television Society
Most of us have grown up in front of the television,  watching movies, and now video on the internet,  as a society,  we watch a lot of film.  We are spoon fed moving pictures from the time we're kids,and it has a huge impact on us.  Celluloid  has had a hand in shaping our buying habits, education, understanding of the world, politics and on and on. Simply put, as a society, we're just more tuned in to video then print. A pretty good reason to think about putting your company's core message on film and delivering it on your website, blog, and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Academy, I would like to thank my Mom ..."   Put a video on your website, and watch your website efficiency soar.

-Rick Merlino

Rick Merlino is the co-founder of a dba of, Inc. He has an extensive background in sales, training, marketing, and website development.