What To Expect, continued...
Website Delivery
Upon completion of the build, you will be able to log in through our website and review and edit content areas on all of your web pages. Your site will be live on the internet at that time behind a password, but your web address will not be pointed to it for the public to see.  Your will be able to enter text and change any pictures that you want to replace.  We have video tutorials and help files to show you this easy process and staff available to you to walk you through and help you with the process.  No muss, no fuss, if you can two finger type and click browse, select you have the skills you need.  This is the point at which the balance of your setup/design fee and first months hosting will be due. Hosting begins on the day of delivery of your website, ready for your to enter you text. Copy writing and text editing services are available on an hourly basis if you desire.

Payment of your balance can be by cash, check, or via PayPal, MasterCard, or Visa.   If you are purchasing an e-commerce site or forum you will be able to add your products and populate your forum topics with easy to use, plain language management tools. When you are ready your customer service representative will assist you with the server numbers your registrar will need to point your domain name (web address) to your new high impact website. Once the registrar completes his task and the Internet providers pick up the new address, your website will be available to your customers and clients on the internet!
Website Management Tools
TwWebDev.com websites are designed with server side "scripting" that enable you to easily make changes to you websites content blocks. This great interactive feature gives you the ability to update text and pictures in your sites content blocks in plain language. For pictures just click, browse and select. This terrific feature saves you time and money. No expensive fees or webmaster required.
TwWebDev.com hosts your site as part of their services. Hosting starts at an affordable $19.99 a month for a 5 page informational business site (see your package pricing for details).  We host on a 24 month contract, much like buying a cell phone, your hosting with us lets us give you more features and keeps the costs for developing a site way below our competition. At the end of the 24 months hosting commitment TwWebDev.com hopes you will continue to host with us for many years, but if you choose to move on, send or email a written note and the company will deliver your site  to you by email in standard HTML format. (does not include proprietary content management tools, or add ons, such as seo, forums,  e-commerce or member mini sites). The advantages of hosting with TwWebDev.com are dependability and TwWebDev's proprietary content management tools that give you the ability to easily update your site yourself. This saves you webmaster fees and keeps all of your web site development, and hosting together under one roof.
TwWebDev.com's people understand the importance of time-lines and deadlines. From designers to coders, customer service representatives to the bookkeeper, the company staff goes the extra mile to deliver your site in a timely and prompt fashion.  Please remember that together, TwWebDev.com and you are Co-Creators of your site, so receiving your logo (the higher print quality the better), and any pictures you want to be on your site at delivery (you can change and update pictures in content blocks easily later) and timely review of mock-ups and graphic design work, will go a long way toward helping the staff at TwWebDev.com deliver your site quickly. A 5 page business site delivers in 14 business days including design and build. Time-lines can be delayed if you are unable to get materials to the company or review your mock-up timely Like in tennis, if the ball is in your court, your partner must wait for you to get it back back over the net.

We guarantee you will be pleased with the quick turn around times and responsiveness of our staff... no more hard to find web designer... Put us on your team now and take your online presence to the next level!
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